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Unwanted children.

Today I received an email from a friend of mine in India, who had posted a video on his blog site that deals with the terrible world of infanticide and the unjust manner in wich women in many countries are treated.  I was so impressed with the video that I decided to promote it from this site.  .  The following is a link to YouTube and the video.


The video is very well produced and should be thought provoking and eye opening to many who are ignorant of other cultures and how people live within  social frameworks developed over hundreds of years, if not indeed millennia in countries such as China and India.

Infanticide is to some extent the result of the notion that a male child is more valuable than a female.  In China, a male child will someday look after his parents when they are old, for such is tradition there, where a government pension system has yet to be developed and indeed probably never will, given the size of the country’s population.

In 1938, the year I was born, the population of China was 507 million, India was only 309 million and for good measure, USA was 130 million. Compare that to the present day populations and one can only conclude that the earth is vastly overpopulated.

Overpopulation is one of the main causes of poverty.  Too many people are forced to live under conditions that in the developed world would be unacceptable.  The ideals of a good education, a stable  environment and an opportunity to improve their lives are unachievable goals for the majority and poverty becomes the norm generation after generation.  Infanticide within cultures where a male child is worth more than a female is no longer valid, for women are as valuable contributors to the economic welfare of a family as men, but the stigma of male superiority is still prevalent.

The manner in which Muslim men treat their women is incomprehensible and deplorable to say the least and I speak from several years of personal experience in Muslim dominated countries.  Religion unfortunately has a way of misguiding people, especially those who are uneducated.  It is the Mullah or the Priest standing on the pulpit, pounding on a book they say contain the “words of God” and anyone who does not “follow the ways” are infidels, doomed to damnation, who will never get to greet all those virgins who supposedly are awaiting the faithful in “paradise”.

It is imperative that we preserve the natural environment for we are the children of it and it has nurtured us since the dawn of our existence.  Without it, life as we know it cannot exist, which brings into focus the impossibility of maintaining the natural environment in the face of an ever increasing world population, who needs space to live on and resources to live off.  To reverse the trend, the world must rid itself of some 5 billion inhabitants, something that will only come about as a result of major natural disasters or climate change due to global warming.  The latter will most likely be a major contributor to reduction in the world population.

We live in an interglacial period in an ice age that began some 2.58 million years ago.  Interglacial periods are characterized by very rapid warming, with occasional spikes of colder periods, followed by a slower cooling leading to a new glacial period in the northern hemisphere.  The extent to which human activity is contributing to global warming is the subject of much debate, but the total CO2 contribution by humans to the atmosphere is less than 3 per cent of the total. The greatest damage we do to the environment which causes increases in CO2 in the atmosphere is cutting down the jungles and forest that, together with plankton in the oceans, are the sponges that absorb CO2 as part of their life cycle.

How do we change the way in which we humans mindlesly keep living and reproducing beyond what our natural environment can sustain?  How can we change the world so that children become precious and wanted, rather than disposable as if they were trash?  How can we free women who exists in bondage to religious and cultural dictates?  Your opinion is valuable, so let’s hear from you.

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