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Brian was window shopping when he saw her reflection in the glass. She stood on the other side of the street, looking toward him, dressed in a short, summery light yellow skirt and a medium green blouse.  Her hair was black, straight and very long, nearly down to her hips.

He turned around and looked straight at her.  She was beautiful, young, about his age or slightly younger, with the built of a model. She glanced briefly at him and then walked up the street.  He followed her with his eyes, wishing he could get to know this raven-haired exquisiteness, but quickly brushed the idea out of his mind.  Someone like her would have her choice of boyfriends, and surely, he would not qualify.

A week went by, and he did not see her again.  He knew she was not from his town since he would have seen her before.  A girl with her looks would not go unnoticed.

Tonight it was his turn to buy drinks for Jim, his best buddy, at Corner’s Bar.  He arrived at 8:00 in the evening and Jim was already there. We ordered drinks, and then I told him about the girl I had seen, giving him exquisite details of her looks.

“Man, she must have been something to look at,” he said. “I wonder where she is from,”?

“Well, as you no doubt know, she is not from here,” I said.

“If she were, I would have tried to get to know her, but nothing like that is to be found in this town.  Perhaps she is from Banfield or one of the other towns north of here.  I’ll drive to Banfield and check around.”

“We can both go on the weekend, ” said Jim. “I know Banfield quite   well, and  there is as Inn there called “The Arrow Head,” which I’m sure you will love.”

“OK said Brian, let’s make that a deal.”

They left in Jim’s car Saturday mid-morning and arrived in Banfield within an hour.

“This is a nice town,” said Brian. “I have only ever been here once before and never looked around the town the way we just did.”

“Well, let’s go and get our rooms at the Arrowhead Inn.”

“Sounds great,” said, Brian, “Let’s go.”

After registering, they went walking around town just to see if by any chance they would run into the dark-haired beauty, but after a couple of hours looking in most parts of the city, they came up empty-handed and returned to the Inn.

“Well,” said Brian, “Let’s not waste the trip entirely.  We can go pub-hopping after supper and check the local chick scene.”

“Splendid idea. Maybe there are some better-looking birds here than back home.  Virgin hunting grounds.”

“Sure man,  nothing like picking flowers in a fresh garden.”

They both retired to their rooms to relax for a while and then met again in the Inn’s dining room to have their dinner.

“The steaks here are excellent,” said Jim. “I had a rib eye steak here last time I visited.”

“Nah,” said Brian, “I think I’ll have the Chicken Gordon Bleu.”

They each had a beer while they waited for the meals to arrive.

“You know, I wish we had a photo of the girl.  If we ask somebody in the pubs if he or she have seen this girl, all we can do is give a physical description of her,” said Jim.

“If I describe her the way she looks, I don’t think anyone could confuse her with someone else.  Her looks are so unique that no-one else can compare to her.”

“I guess perhaps not, but it’s the old story, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’; maybe someone took a picture of her here in town if she is from here or visited here. We can ask around in the pubs or bars when we get to them.”

They finished their dinner while talking about this and that, paid the bill and left.

Walking down the main street, they came upon a pub called “The Black Swan.”

“This looks good,” said Jim. “Lets hit this one.”

“OK, this is as good a start as any,”

Inside there was a sizable crowd around the bar counter, and the place was thick with cigarette smoke. Everyone was talking loud, and music was blaring from a couple of speakers. Some patrons already showed signs of having had one or two too many.

Brian walked up to the counter and ordered two beers and brought them over to the table that Jim had secured for them.

“Look,” said Brian, “we have to mingle with the crowd at the bar counter and ask questions about the girl.  That’s what we came here for, isn’t it?”

Sure, lest go and hang at the bar counter.  Bring your beer, and we can just casually ask some of the guys if they had seen a girl according to the description we give them.”

Brian said Hi to the guy he was standing next to, and they small talked for a while before he asked if he had seen a girl that looked like the description he gave him.

“No, I sure haven’t, but I would love to meet such a beauty.  There is no such a looker in this town that I know of.”

Brian looked down at Jim, who was further down the counter, but Jim just shook his head.  He had not had any luck so far.

Walking further down the bar counter he found a space next to a guy who looked sober enough to listen.

“Hi, my name is Brian, I’m from the next town down the road. I’m here with a friend of mine to check out the pubs and bars in town.”

“My name is John.  I’m a welder and work for a construction company.”

“Good steady work I guess,” said Brian, “but tell me have you by chance ever seen a girl like this, describing the girls looks to him.

“No, I sure haven’t“ but the description of the girl you gave me, reminds me of something a buddy of mine said. His name is Bob and the other night, he got a bit sloshed here and began rambling about some gorgeous chick he had seen. I just ignored it as being drunk talk. Bob is due to come here shortly if his habits remain the same. He is a machinist and work for the same company as me.”

“We can hang around for a while to see if Bob comes in later,” said Brian. The fellow down there with the blue shirt on is my buddy, Jim, and we both live in Torrington, just an hour’s drive south of here.”

Why don’t I call him over here, and the three of us can sit at a table and have a beer together,” said Brian.

“That would be OK,” said John.

Brian waved at Jim and gestured for him to come over, which he did. After introducing him to John and explaining the reason for it, they sat down at a table and ordered some beers.

Half an hour later, John pointed to a guy just coming in the door and said: “there he is.” and gestured for him to come to the table.

“Bob, this is Brian and Jim from Torrington.  They came up to see if they could find a girl they have been looking for.  They gave me a description of her, and that reminded me so much about the girl you were rambling about last Friday, when you were I bit pickled.  Tell them about the girl you saw.”

“Hello, Brian and Jim.  Well, it’s like this.  I was going home from work last Friday, and I saw this totally unbelievable gorgeous girl walking up the street.  I wanted a closer look at her, so I followed her, walking about 50 feet behind her.  Man! She had a body like a movie actress, and her long, flowing black hair was magnificent. I followed her for a while, but she turned down a side street, and when I got there, she was nowhere to be seen. It was like she had vanished in thin air.  I thought she might have gone into one of the houses on that street and hung around for a while, but then gave up and walked home.  That night I came here to this, my favorite pub, and got a bit drunk.  Perhaps I began yapping about the girl, I don’t remember, but I never saw her again.  I know she is not here from Banfield.  I would have seen her before.”

“Well,” said Brian, “I had the same kind of experience, although I did not follow her.  She is not from Torrington, and if she is not from here either, where is she from.  This is all becoming a mystery.”

They ordered a few more rounds of beer and then parted company, agreeing they should meet again sometime.

Jim and Brian headed for the Arrow Head Inn and decided to stay another night since they had both been drinking. They left early the next morning, returning to Torrington.

While driving home during the morning, they talked about the mysterious girl and Brian suggested they should dig deeper into this by going to another nearby town next weekend. They both agreed to that in addition to meeting at Corner’s Bar next Friday night to plan the details of it.

Brian couldn’t help asking himself what in hell he was doing pursuing the whereabouts of this girl.  He didn’t known her, but there was something about her that intrigued him.  Why was she seen in two towns so far, yet no-one had talked to her, and she appeared to vanish in thin air.  It was easy enough just to think of her as a casual visitor or tourist, yet the circumstances of her sudden appearance and then disappearance was just too intriguing for him to let the matter pass. Jim seemed equally enthusiastic about investigating this mysterious situation further. Besides that, they had both enjoyed the outing to Banfield, and a repeat of that to another town would be desirable.

Friday night came around, and Brian went to meet Jim at Corners Bar.  He had not arrived yet, so he sat down at a table, ordered a beer and waited for him to show up.

Half an hour later Jim came through the door and walked over to the table where Brian was sitting.

“Hi buddy, how are you?”

“Fine,” I had a busy week at work and could do with a bit of time to unwind.”

“Me too, I bought a map so we can decide which town to go to next.  There is one called Brighton, some 30 miles north of Banfield.  It would be no more than one and a half hours drive from here.

“Is it a big town?” asked Brian.

“I looked it up on the internet, which states it has a population of 74,000.”

“That’s a fair sized small town.  There should be hotels, restaurants, and bars there” said Brian.  We can go there tomorrow if you want,”

“sure, why not.  We might have a good time there like we had in Banfield, and we get to know some more towns north of us. We have both been visiting a bunch of places south of here, but not to the north, so it serves as an excellent time to get to know them.  I’m all for it.  If we don’t find her, maybe we can find another couple of hot chicks.”

“There is bound to be some nice girls in a town that size and I wouldn’t mind laying my hands on one of them. I’m as horny as a bullfrog in springtime, if not more so.”

Well, buddy, you are not the only one.  It’s been a while since I have touched a fair-haired pussycat. In fact, I would settle for a brown or dark-haired beauty, as long as her pounds well distributed on her body, a real voluptuous type.”

“You may be setting your standards a bit high.  Most of the girls today tend to carry a few extra pounds around the waist, and some with generous spare tires- love handles, or doughnuts as some prefer to call them.  The real good looking chicks often play hard to get, and neither you nor I qualify as super good looking guys. If you lower your standards a bit, you may have better luck in your pursuit, but hell! have a go at whatever your eyes desire.”

They left for Brighton the next morning, arriving at mid-day. Jim suggested they drive around town for a while to get a feel for it.  They found two motels, but no Inns.  One of the motels with the screwy name. “Pearly Dreams” seemed better than the other they looked at, so they decided to book their rooms there.  It seemed most of the pubs and bars were located in the center of town on two parallel streets a block apart.  That would make bar-hopping easy.

The motel was not far from the downtown area, so they decided to walk there, rather than drive. By nine in the evening they were scouting out the bars and decided first to try one called ‘Roosters Bar.’ It was half filled with people, but it was early yet and sure to improve.

The layout of the bar was impressive.  The counter was shaped like a horseshoe with a bottle shelf, stacked with an abundant supply of liquor, closing it in at the end.  Tables were placed along the walls on both sides of the bar, and numerous paintings of roosters adorned the walls.

I’m going to sit on the left side, and you can try out the right side, Jim.  Just ask casually, as usual, if anyone knew of a girl, giving the description of her as usual.

Brian looked around, after ordering a beer, and began by asking the guy next to him if he had ever run across a girl, describing her, but no luck.  He asked a few more patrons, but no-one had seen her.  He looked over at Jim and saw him engaged in conversation with a young man.  He caught his eye, but Jim just shook his head, meaning he had no luck either.

Jim came over to Brian’s area and told him he had asked a bunch of guys, but none had ever seen nor heard of a girl of that description. I was, however, talking to a young fellow who told me that if I wanted to chase the girls, the most popular bar in town was Fred’s Bar and Grill over on the next street. That’s where most of the girls hang out

Well, let’s head over there.  I like this bar, but we are here for a specific purpose, and the bar you described is as good a target as any.

They both walked over to Fred’s Bar and Grill and were met by quite a hullabaloo when they entered.  The place was nearly full and smelled of grilled food, cigarette smoke, and stale beer, but what the hell, could one expect anything less in what otherwise appeared to be a cheap bar.  There were quite a few girls there, anything from pretty to ordinary, and Jim surveyed the scene with a discriminating view, trying to decide which girl he would pursue.

There was no particular place either of them could sit, so they just took a seat wherever they could find one.  Brian could see that Jim’s primary interest was chasing the girls, so he began asking the question about the voluptuous girl and if anyone had seen her.  The answer was always no, I sure haven’t.

All of a sudden, Jim gestured to him to come over where he was sitting, and I walked over there.

Brian; Listen, he said.  This girl here tell me that she knows a guy who had shown her a picture on his cellphone that kind of matched the description I had given her. He is sitting over there, she had said, pointing to a an average looking guy sitting a couple of chairs down the bar counter.

Jim, we have to check that out.  Let’s go and buy him a beer and ask him about the picture. They both walked over to the guy and introduced themselves.

This girl over there told us you have a photo of a girl that perhaps matches the description of one that we have met in our home town of Torrington.  “Is there any chance that we could see it?”

“Sure.” Said the guy.  My name is Richard, and I’m born in this town. I know a lot of girls here, but one day, I was walking down the street, when I saw this totally gorgeous girl walking toward me.  I had my cellphone in my hand and quickly took a photo of her. I took a few seconds to check and see how well it turned out, and it was just fine, but when  I turned around to see if I could approach her and perhaps ask her for her name, she was no-where to be seen. It was like she had vanished in thin air.

“Can we see the photo?”

“Sure, no problem,”

He took out his cellphone and showed them a photo of a girl with long, black hair,  wearing a short, light yellow skirt and a medium green blouse.

“Oh my God, that’s the same girl I saw in Torrington.  No doubt about it” said Brian.  Look at it Jim, this is the girl, and she is wearing the same clothes as she was when I saw her a couple of weeks ago. Is there a chance I can get a copy of the photo, Richard?”

“Sure, why not?  give me your cell number, and I will send you a copy via messenger.” I have shown it to a lot of people in town, but no-one have seen her, so I kind of just gave up, but kept the photo as a memento. Why are you so interested in this girl?”

“Well, it’s like this.  I saw the girl in Torrington, where both Jim and I live.  She was seen by another person in Banfield, just south of here and now by you, here in Brighton.” She is not from any of those three towns and seems to vanish in thin air, just after she was seen.  The remarkable part is that in she was only seen by one person in any one of the three towns. No-one knows who she is, nor where she is from. She is a complete mystery girl and my buddy Jim, and I are very intrigued by her.”

Brian’s phone signaled that an incoming message had arrived and when he checked it, it was the photo of the girl send to him by Richard. He thanked him for it and then told Jim that there was no point in checking anyone else if they had seen her, since Richard had done so extensively, without any luck.

“Suits me fine,” said Jim.  “I just got to know a chick over there, pointing in the direction where he was sitting before, and I would like to get better acquainted with her.” Don’t wait for me, I’ll make my own way back to the motel.

“Good luck, I hope you make out OK.  I’ll look around a bit myself and see if there are any fish that might bite.”

Brian decided to go back to The Rooster bar since he liked the atmosphere there better. No sooner had he entered the bar and sat down, when a girl came over and said:  ” Didn’t I see you here earlier?”

You sure did.  My name is Brian, what’s yours?”

“My name is Angela.  Where are you from?”

“I’m from Torrington, just south of Banfield.  Me and my buddy, Jim came up here to do a little exploration.”

I was kind of sorry to see you leave, Brian. I took a bit of a liking to you when I saw you.

“Well, Angela, I’m here again.  Can I buy you a drink?”

“Gin and Tonic, please.  I like that drink. What about you?”

“I’m mostly just a beer guy.”

“What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an electrician and have been so since I was 20 years old. I like my profession, and it provides me with a good income. My buddy Jim is a machinist, and he also make a decent living.  We have known each other since we were school children.  He is a real decent guy.”

“It’s good to have a close friend.  Most of my girlfriends are casual, rather than close, with two exceptions, and like your friend, I have known them since we were children. We grew up in the same neighborhood, played together, dreamed about what the future would bring and chased the boys.”

“So, what do you do for a living?”

I’m a financial consultant at the BOA bank, the local branch here in Brighton.  It’s a good job, and I love it.  There is a large branch in Torrington where you live, but then that town is much bigger than this.  I would like to get a transfer to there, but there are no openings right now.

“Well,” said Brian “ that’s interesting for there are three branches of BOA bank in Torrington, including the main branch you are talking about.  I do my banking there.”

“Angela, you are an interesting and pretty girl. I would like to become your friend.”

“I have had several boyfriends during the last couple of years, but none of them worked out.  Perhaps we should become friends, for I like you a lot, in fact, I can say that you are the first one I have met that I liked right away.”

“That sounds like a promising beginning, but I’m going to ask you a straight question. Are you a virgin?”

“No,” said Angela “and I don’t think you would expect me to be.  I’m 24 years old, and yes, I like sex.”

“Well. That’s good to know, and I might want to take advantage of that.”

“I’m not saying yes or no to that. We can feel our way through it.”

“OK Angela, but I have to tell you that Jim and I are returning to Torrington tomorrow afternoon,  We both have to work on Monday.”

“I figured that, but we still have the rest of the night.

“We both have rooms at Motel Pearly Dreams.  I know Jim is chasing a girl over in Fred’s Bar and Grill and he will likely succeed.”

“Brian, you rascal, are you sure you are not doing the same?”

“I refuse to answer that question, since it may tend to incriminate me, but don’t get mad at me if I ask you to come with me to my motel room.”

“Ask me later,” said Angela.  You never know what will happen.”

“OK, that’s a deal.  Now, how about another drink?”

“Yes, please, the same as before.”

“Does your parents live here also, Angela?”

“No, they were both killed in a boating accident four years ago.  I have a brother, but he works in Africa as a mining engineer, and I rarely hear from him.*

“I’m sorry to hear that you lost your parent. My parents are still alive, and they live in Torrington on the outskirts of town.  They are both retired. I’m their only child, and I have a wonderful relationship with them. My dad was an accountant and mom worked in a department store for many years.”

It must be great to have your parents still.  I miss mine immensely and feel very lonesome at times.

“Well, Angela, I can sure appreciate how you feel.  I would be lost without my parents, but I know I won’t have them forever.

“It’s getting late, and the bar will close soon.  I would like to be so presumptuous as to ask you to come with me to the Motel, but I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have just started.  Can I call a taxi to take you home?”

Brian, I would like to walk with you to the Motel.  It’s a beautiful summer night,  and I’m in a romantic mood.”

“You are getting me all excited, so let’s go, Angela.”

They walked up the street toward the motel which was about a 15-minute walk.  Brian put his arm around her and felt excited.  She stopped, turned toward him and said: ”Brian, I want to kiss you.”

The romantic moments continued unabated until they reached the motel.

Well, this is your last chance to say no, Angela.

She just whispered into his ear, and they went inside the room. “Don’t turn the lights on.” She said. “I want to touch you, kiss you, hug you and embrace you.”

Brian turned her around, touched her breasts from behind and slowly took her blouse off, then her bra and kissed her neck.

‘”Brian, you are driving me crazy.” She turned around and started to take Brian’s clothes off.  In a frenzy, they removed each other’s clothes and began to caress the most intimate places on their bodies.

Brian lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed.

They made love for a long time, seemingly unable to get enough of each other.

When they had both exhausted their desires, Angela rolled over on top of him and said ”Brian, that’s the best sex I have ever had. I’m madly in love with you now.”

Brian responded by kissing her and whispering in her ear that he had also fallen in love with her.  She stayed with Brian all night, and they made love in the morning before they left to go and have breakfast.

“What happened to your buddy Jim?” she asked.

I imagine he is still in his room, or perhaps having breakfast somewhere. I’m sure he lashed on to a girl in the bar he was in,  He is very determined to get what he wants, and I’m sure he did.

“Angela, We are leaving around noontime today, but I want to see you again.  Can we meet here next weekend?”

“Yes, I would love that, but why don’t I come to Torrington?”

“That would be super. I’ll book you a room in an Inn.”

“I would like that to be ‘Brian’s’ Inn, where I can sleep with the owner if you won’t mind the intrusion into your own little world?”

“Let me put it this way, I can think of no-one I would rather have intruding.  Let’s keep in touch on the phone, and I will give your driving directions if you need them.”

“All I need is your address.  I have a GPS system in my car, and it will take me there.

“OK, Angela.  That’s a date then.”

“Alright, I’m sure my week will drag until next Saturday.  I’ll be going home now to catch up on some sleep.”

“Do you want me to call a taxi?”

“No, I will walk home from here.  See you on Saturday, sweet.”

“See you, honey,- I can‘t wait.”

They kissed briefly, and Angela left the restaurant.

Brian walked back to the motel. He knocked on Jims door, but no answer, so he went to his room and waited for Jim to come to him.

It was nearly noon when Jim knocked on his door. “Sorry to be so late, but I had a fantastic chick in my room all night and this morning too.  I just sent her home in a taxi. How did you make out?”

“I’ll tell you all about it while we drive home.”

They left early in the afternoon, and Jim began by telling the story about this girl he had met in Fred’s Bar and Grill.  Her name was Lora, and she was very good looking and played hard to get, but like Jim said, persistence pays off.  She agreed to come along with him to the motel, and first, they were inside the room, things went right along.  Lora was very sexy, so it worked out great.

“Well,” said Brian, “ I think I’m in love.  I went back to the Rooster Bar, where I met this girl.  Her name is Angela, and we just had the most marvelous time together.  She is 24 years old and works as a financial consultant for the BOA Bank in Brighton.  She has a fabulous body and a great personality.  We have agreed to meet again next weekend, but she will be coming here to stay at my apartment.”

“Jeepers, you sound like you are going to get real serious about Angela.”

“Well, let’s see what happens, but I really like her, and the feeling is mutual.”

“OK, buddy, so what’s next now.”

“Well,” said Brian “I don’t think I will pursue the matter of this phantom girl anymore. We will never find her and at any rate, even if we did, what would we do with her?”

“Yeah. I kind of agree with you, but you can’t say we did not have a good time chasing her.  Will we meet at Corner’s Bar on Friday again.?”

“Sure Jim, let’s do that.”

Shortly they arrived in Torrington and went their separate ways for the week.

Wednesday evening Brian’s phone rang.  It was Jim, and he sounded very excited.

“Brian, I just bought the paper, and there is an article on page two you just have to read.  No good me trying to explain. It will take a long time.  Go buy the paper and then get back to me when you have read it.”

OK, Jim. I’ll go and get it right now. Brian walked down to the local corner grocery store and bought The Torrington Daily and rushed home. He went straight to page two, and the article he saw simply floored him.

New Development in the murder-rape case we reported on a year ago.

A year ago, a young girl was found murdered and sexually assaulted in Barring City, south of here. Here picture was distributed by the local police at first, but no-one had seen her before or knew her.

DNA was collected from semen on her body and checked against existing data banks, but with negative results. Her fingerprints and a description of her, together with her photo and what she was wearing, were circulated through national, and later international organizations such as FBI, Interpol, and various similar organizations through Latin America, but no results have come back so far.

A week ago, a man in his thirties was arrested for attempted rape of a young girl. His DNA was collected, and in a search of the data banks for criminal offender, it was matched to the DNA found in semen on the murdered girl.

The man was charged with murder and rape in the first degree.  During interrogations, he claimed he did not know the girl, nor had he ever seen her before.  He came across her in the local park and assaulted her there.

It was hoped that with the arrest of the offender, some more light could be thrown on the identity of the victim, but so far this has proven elusive. No-one anywhere has reported her missing or claimed to know her or be related to her. In time, unless new information is forthcoming, the case will go into the cold files.

We have republished a photo of the girl’s face and urge anyone who may have seen her or know her to contact the local police.

Brian was astounded, and more so because the crime was committed a year ago.  He did not remember reading about it, nor hearing anything of it on the TV. There was no doubt this was the girl.  The photo of her face proved it beyond doubt

He called Jim and expressed his amazement. “The fact that she was murdered in Baring City, the district capital south of here, suggests that wherever she is from, it is from somewhere south of here.  If it is the same girl that I saw here in Torrington and the guys in Banfield and Brighton saw, how can she appear in those cities a full year after she was murdered.  The only proof that anyone saw her is Richard, in Brighton, Who took a picture of her.  How the hell can anyone take a photo of someone who died a year ago? I checked the photo in the paper against the copy that Richard gave me, and there is no doubt, it is the same girl. This whole thing is driving me to the loony bin.”

“I don’t know what to think nor how to handle this whole thing in my mind.” Let’s think about it until Friday, and we can meet in Corner’s Bar to talk about it”  said, Jim.

OK, let’s do that.  Take care and have a good night.

Friday night came around, and they both met at the bar.

‘Jim, I just don’t know what to think of this whole affair about seeing this murdered girl.  I’m not ready to call the police and tell them that I saw her here in Torrington. They would pass me off as some nutcase.  The only one that has some proof of seeing her is Richard in Brighton, who took a picture of her.  That brings up the question as to how the hell you can take a photo of someone who died a year ago?” Furthermore, why is it that only one person saw her in any one of the towns.  Is she a ghost? Did she came back from the dead to wander forever? We have all heard of bizarre incidents where people have seen someone who died years ago, but until now, I never believed any of that.

I hope Richard does not read the article and call the police.  I have no desire to get involved in something so bizarre that it defies explanation. Unless they find out who she is and where she is from, I fear this incidence will remain in my mind perhaps forever.

“Angela is coming to my place tomorrow. We plan on having a romantic weekend, and I don’t want her to know anything about the murdered girl I saw.  She might assume I’m not playing from a full deck.

“Sure, I understand,” said Jim. “I’m glad I didn’t see her, and, by the way, I may return to Brighton tomorrow to see if I can find that girl I was with last weekend.  She is really nice.”

“Good luck with that.  Let’s call the mystery girl “The Girl from some place” and concentrate on those we can touch and love.”

“That’s  the most sensible thing you have said  all night.”

NOTE: This story will be published in several parts.

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