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Philosophic thougthts

Death is but a moment defined by the last breath that a being takes. It is the end of physical life as we know it.  What lies beyond it is definable only by the spiritual belief of the living.

It is said that the fountain of truth is in God.  What shall one call this being, if indeed he, she or it is definable as a being?

The Christian doctrine speaks of God in Heaven, the Garden of Eden and the son of God, the great savior, who once walked on the land, where three religions were created.

The Jewish belief speaks of Jehovah, the Hebrew name for God; of Abraham, born the city of Ur, in Babylonia; of his son Isaac and his son Jacob, who was named Israel and his 12 sons who founded the twelve tribes of Israel. They relate the covenant with God, the exodus from slavery in Egypt, lead by Moses, of God revealing himself at Mount Sinai; of the Torah, and of the Jewish people becoming a favoured people and nation if they would follow the covenant.

The Buddhist asserts Nirvana as the definitive aspiration, but Nirvana can be defined not only as paradise or heaven, but also as an illusion or fantasy.  Perhaps the last two definitions cover the philosophic thoughts of the first two.


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